Full Ceremonial Concert 
Canta Com Amor 2020

Curawaka had the honour to play the last concert of the year on Canta Com Amor 2020. Sunday 27th December they played an epic ceremonial concert, livestreamed from Norway, for over 3,5 hours, to over 70.000 homes. 
Anna Bariyani & co. shared many classics from their first album "Call of the Wild", as well as several new songs still in the making, planned to feature on their upcoming album "Dreamtime" (still to come). 
The evening will soon to come in HD quality, for now enjoy this magical night in the original Facebook live streaming quality. 

Te Nande
Te Nande is a song that Anna Bariyani learned from the Yawanawa people of the Brazilian Amazon during her stay with them in 2014 and 2015. The video shows footage from the Yawanawa community and is an ode to the indigenous peoples of the world. The footage of the band is shot on Ibiza by Axel Hebenstreit in 2018 and edited by Matias Knudsen. 

Curawaka playing "Cuñaq" during a live session with Rad Fyah in Zürich, Switzerland, in September 2020 during their Freedom Tour. 

Call of the Wild

Live footage of Curawaka´s song "Call of the Wild", written by Anna Bariyani, performed in Bubikon, Zürich, on the 04.09.2020. This was the opening concert of Curawaka Freedom Tour 2020. 

He Yama Yo

"He Yama Yo" performed live at Ancient Trance Festival in 2019 in Germany, with guest appearance by Kailash Kokopelli. It was the end act of their concert, and the band was out of time to finish the whole song, the audience kept singing the song until the band came out to join the crowd. Magical moment!

Tierra de Vicuñas

Raw footage of Curawaka playing the classic, instrumental, traditional Inca theme "Tierra de Vicuñas" from the Andes, live in Rosh Pinna in Israel, August 2019.

Noku Mana

Early video of Curawaka playing "Noku Mana" in Helsinki, Finland, 08.08.2018. 


A young Curawaka singing the traditional Peruvian folksong "Cuñaq" from Ubatuba, a song honoring the waters of the river flowing through our lives, washing away all the sorrows of the community and leaving Mother Earth in celebration. 

He Yama Yo

Curawaka´s original appearance on the internet, this classic footage from 2014 shows Anna Bariyani with the first lineup of Curawaka, Ariel Kuschnir and Christian "Bola" Stella, outside their residency at the time in Ubatuba, Brazil.