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Our activities, campaigns, and support of the global movement towards a New Time.


A water prayer from Anna Bariyani of Curawaka: “Understand that, water itself carries the ancient memories, the stories all of our collective emotions…”

“Curawaka (meaning ‘water heals’ or ‘heal the waters’) is a commitment to do our part on this mysterious life journey – do the best we can to create a better world. The prayer of the water is a profound and essential part of our lives. The water is the fountain of life. It is what gives life to the entire planet and all its creatures. We come from water. Water is alive. Water is sacred. We believe in the potential of each human beings to sprout his or her sacred purpose and grow strong and wild and free. We believe in the intelligence and powers of nature, and the coming of a new dawn. A sunrise in the story of humanity, and a time of blossoming for the Earth and all her children. But we have to start with the water. We have to keep her clean, take care of her, honour her, protect her. Clean water is the most precious and divine there is. We stand behind water protetors everywhere."


Listen and meditate to the beautiful prayer below:


Our friends in the Yawanawa village Mutum (Acre, Brazil) is lacking access to clean drinking water. Curawaka is raising funds in order to install a state-of the art water filter systems (restructuring and 7 stage purification), solar, water storage tanks, rainwater catchment, tools to dig their well deeper, submersible pump and a water drinking station. In co-operation with WaterNow, Mose and Nixi Music.


Anna Bariyani and Txai Fernando from Curawaka have the honor of speaking at The Plant Spirit Summit on Feb 22 - 26 together with 40+ Western and Indigenous leaders, thinkers and activists about plant medicines & related affairs. They will talk about Music as Medicine and discuss their music´s relation to ceremonial culture and native traditions, about their new album, and what it means to be a creative artist in the rise of the new time. It´s a free event, check it out here:


Together Is Better is an online festival and Jeans For Refugees fundraiser on 17th April 2021, in support of refugees worldwide.

We passionately believe we need to stand together, to support our global community by co-creating uplifting and inspiring experiences, with messages that matter. Coming together in the name of unity and freedom for all has never been more needed. Covid-19 has rocked the world: Change Is Here and the Time Is Now. More than ever, during this extraordinary time on earth, art has the power to uplift the human spirit, and provide humanity with messages of hope…


Music unites. Love Prevails. Together Is Better.